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The United Anglo Caribbean Society (UACS) has been in existence for 43+ years, initially providing much needed services for the Windrush generation who came to this country to fill the working skills in areas such as Health, Transport and Education. We the second and third generation of Afro Caribbean immigrants have largely been absorbed within the indigenous population and have successfully integrated within communities. The Windrush generation is still in existence, and as an older group, require the same level of support and help that is presently extended to other minorities within the Borough. This lack of support and leadership can be seen in the vast number of other minority groups who have gained funding and support in pursuit of looking after their interested communities such as the Somali societies. It is about time that we are given a fair crack of the whip and be recognised as a group that requires ongoing funding and support. To this end, we are facilitating a campaign of protest and awareness within the community in order to shine the spotlight on the possibility that the only support and funding for the Black and Afro Caribbean community is via a body such as the UACS. The following planned series of initiatives will assist our disenfranchised community in regaining strength and unity: 1. Empower local radio stations to recognise and discuss the plight of the older generation in society and the realisation that their future is intrinsically dependant on how the Windrush generation is treated. 2. Reach out to other London Boroughs to establish trends with regards to funding for the Afro Caribbean community. 3. Organise a series of marches and protests highlighting to the public this lack of funding for the elderly within the community. 4. Approach other elderly folks around the capital to lobby their local Labour MPs for assurances that the Afro Caribbean communities will not be discarded and forgotten. There is not a single Afro Caribbean councillor, Labour or Conservative in existence at the top table within the Ealing wards, where policies and decisions are made. As a community we have steadfastly supported the Labour Party within the Borough and our core vote as a minority has somewhat been taken for granted. We will at some stage be partitioning the other political parties for their help with regards to supporting the United Anglo Caribbean Society. In the meantime we will commence the process of public awareness and debate until we are given concrete assurances that our community receives the much need support that is afforded to every other minority group within the Borough.

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